Why Is Content Marketing Important for Startups?

Why is content marketing important for start-ups? Learn more about how start up can get traffic and increase their leads using content marketing.

Why Content Marketing is Essential for Every Start-ups


What is content marketing?

Content marketing is a strategic approach that is focussed in creating relevant articles/ research/ blogs that are consistent and relevant to the field of the company. The main goal is to attract users and retain them to your website which will increase leads and conversions.

How can content marketing help start-up?

Effective content marketing attracts organic traffic for your website generates organic traffic which have proven to give more effective results and conversion. A successful content marketing strategy will help you to interact, engage and turn your target audience to your customers. Most importantly it helps to create brand awareness.

What is needed to create good content?

This is the most challenging part of content marketing. Firstly look your competitors who are ranking well. Analyse the types of contents that are ranking well. Conduct research on what content is relevant to your users which will attract them to your business. Do keyword research and plan your topic ideas. Combine relevant statistic and data to support your content from reliable sources to create a ground breaking story that will attract traffic.

How can we measure success from content marketing?

Measuring the success of a content is as important as writing a content. One way is to use Google Analytics. Set up goals and track your conversion rates.  Check your traffic for each page and this will allow you to see which page receives most traffic and this will allow you optimise pages that has less traffic. Looking at engagement time shows how long your page attracts user to the specific content. Social shares is another way to see if your content is going viral.

How much time should I spend on content marketing?

Most SEO agencies spent more than 60% of their time creating good content for their clients as a great content is the source that will bring in the desired traffic to your website. Therefore, it’s good to have a blog page on your website and write about topics that will be of interest to your target.

Should I hire a content marketing agency?

The simple answer is – YES.

Let’s be honest, not all of us are great writers or have the time, resource and expertise to conduct research and write great articles. Many freelance writers and local SEO agencies provide affordable content marketing services which can be a good alternative for start-ups who don’t have the resources to hire an in-house SEO. Apart from creating quality content the trained SEOs will also have access to many tools that can measure the success of the contents and give you valuable ideas to grow your business.

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