SEO Strategies For Small Business During Covid

SEO Strategies For Small Business During Covid

Covid-19 has affected many small businesses and brought in uncertainties to many but this is no time to slow down your online presence. The lockdown had made people turn into online shoppers and with more time in their hands more people are using online services. Many business have seen traffic triple to their websites due to the lockdown. So if you have not focussed your efforts on digital marketing and SEO maybe it’s the right time to focus on it now.

Steps to Take:

  1. Increase Online visibility
  2. Start Email Marketing
  3. Create Relevant Content
  4. Provide Discounts and Offers
  5. Improve or Create a Good Website

If you have not put any efforts on the above its time to start on it right away as the pandemic is not going to end any time soon. Small businesses are often restricted with limited budget and hiring an SEO can be too ambitious for now. However, bearing the crisis in mind we want to do out bid to help small businesses so we at Brown Elephant are providing one hour free consultation and audit to help to increase your online visibility and share some strategies that will help you grow your business.

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